Four Americans and one Canadian at Lingualand!

Four Americans and one Canadian at Lingualand!

We were expecting them, they came!

Lily, Anabel, Ariana, Ella and Grace arrived on the 15th of July and it gave us great pleasure to have them here in Beziers with us in the south of France. They all participated in a language learning holiday with FLE (French as a foreign language) classes, fun and unusual activities, and stayed with host families for a total-immersion experience! They combined learning and fun on their trip abroad!

Lingualand was a stop on their trip to France that they won’t quickly forget. But what did they think of their stay with us? To answer that, here’s a photo which shows us what they thought after following our program of French lessons.

But they weren’t alone, of course. Their coordinators, Monica and Danielle were there to keep an eye on them and accompany them on the adventure.

These 5 young girls, aged 15-16, were able to improve their French and their knowledge of French culture. They not only learned in their French classes, but also through diverse and unusual activites. For example, they discovered a volunteer community by visiting an organisation that works with children in difficult circumstances. Moreover, they told us they were surprised, and in their own words, ‘It was better than in the States!’, where they said the facilities for children in need aren’t of the same quality. This was an enriching humanitarian experience for them.

They were also able to make the most of the charm of our ‘Canal du Midi’ with a long bike ride all the way to the sea.They discovered truffle hunting, and as you can see in the photo, they didn’t come back empty-handed!

After all that effort, the reward! They enjoyed a good meal with subtle truffle flavours.

And as always, the Mayor of Beziers and his wonderful team took the time to welcome us warmly with a guided visit, snack, talk, and a lovely photo for a souvenir.

They conquered!

Their stay in Beziers finished with the handing-out of diplomas and convivial good-bye drinks.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll see them again? We would be happy to welcome them back to Lingualand for another adventure!